Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brimfield Antique Show, July 2011

Brimfield was hot! So I spent more time drinking water than fiddling with my camera. The first place we stopped was the vintage dress tent - good stuff. I found a spectacular white satin sheath dress with silver embroidery. It fits almost perfectly, though I'd need to wear it with a good pair of black tights and at an event where I don't need to sit down. Yeah, I don't go to too many events like that. I also found a new shape of Capri dot glasses, (obviously not new because they're old, but a shape that I've never seen before!), and a fancy aurora borealis cocktail ring. And some painted Canadian toy soldiers from 1963. And a vintage funky flowers tablecloth. And a red handled ice-cream scoop.

Here are some American cowboys:

This guy has an articulated bullet exit wound on his back:

A pile of Presidents:



Oh look! That's my little head reflected in almost every bracelet:

Giant beads:



Cucumber and Strawberry Vodka

I made cucumber vodka and strawberry vodka for my annual summery drinks party. I'd seen this recipe around the Web, and was really curious. I'm not a huge fan of vodka, except in my newly discovered love of homemade Bloody Marys, so I was mostly excited about the process. Basically, you cut up stuff, put it in a jar, fill the jar with vodka, and agitate twice daily for a few days. Then strain, chill, and hand out the tiny glasses and the aspirin.

Here are the two jars on the first day


Here are the jars on the second day:

Here's a photo of straining the strawberry vodka through coffee filters. It takes a while, because the little strawberry hairs clog up the works. I had to switch filters frequently. And look at the strawberries - all of the color has been leached out. Icky!


Here's a photo of the cucumber vodka, unstrained, still in the jar.

I didn't really care for either flavor, but everyone else seemed to.