Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lars and the Real Microphone

I went to see Lars and the Real Girl, which was sweet but predictable, though the dopey charm of Ryan Gosling, greasy hair and all made up for that. Dammmit he's cute. He did not make up for the fact that the microphone kept dipping into the picture in about 30 percent of the scenes. At first it was funny (I think I spotted it in the first scene) but by the end of the movie I had a sore arm from my friend hitting me in the arm and laughing. Cute movie folks, but seeing the microphone is just not very professional. Thankfully there were only two other people in the theater because we got very giggley.

When I got home I had two very exciting packages waiting for me. First, I had my free snack from Kashi. A while ago Kashi had a snack drive where you could select your favorite unhealthy snack and Kashi would send you a healthier 7-grain alternative. I didn't really need any encouragement to try Kashi snacks, they're honestly about the most unhealthy thing I buy (except for bacon sometimes), but the prospect of getting something fun in the mail was too good to pass up. Today I received my mini bag of 7-grain crackers in a cheerful yellow cardboard box. WHY DIDN'T I CHOOSE the 7-grain COOKIE??? Well, I already had a cookie today and it was only 1-grain, so I guess it was for the best.

My other package was a tiny envelope of rhinestones and baubles. I bought the rhinestones to replace the stones that fell out of the smokey grey plastic ring that I bought when I was a jewelry & clothing buyer. (We didn't buy these for the store because they were too expensive and didn't really fit our clientele.) It's 10 years old so I guess it's not that scandalous - that's what I get for liking plastic jewelry. But now you can get anything online, including 7ss rhinestones. And I learned about the rhinestone sizing standards in the process. And they fit perfectly. yay me. The baubles aren't really baubles, but I just like the word bauble. They're dark pink metal flowers that I'm going to sew on a black sweater. Or a winter hat. Or something. Crafty.

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What I Think said...

My mom had a period of finding all kinds of non-precious shiny gems (and non-jems, I think) for sale from all over the world. She tells me about it from time to time but it never stuck in my head. Next time you're over, remind me to show you some of the necklaces she made. You might find her hobby quite fun yourself....