Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fame!!!!!!. . . !!!!!!!!!. . . !!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite tv shows when I was young, along with Little House on the Prairie and Mork & Mindy, was Fame. Fame documents a group of talented teenagers at the New York School of the Arts. The actors seemed very grown-up and glamorous when I was 10, and I was totally hooked, though undoubtedly much of it went totally over my head. Plus the music is catchy. A couple of weeks ago I watched the movie (1980) that the series was based on, and was impressed, though I did need to fast forward through some of the musical numbers. So now, through the beauty of NetFlix, I'm watching the series again. It holds up as high quality drama, and the costumes are fabulous but it's not quite as exciting as I remember.

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