Monday, August 10, 2009

Lunchtime Walk: Cambridgeport

I really like Cambridgeport because it's so architecturally and socioeconomically diverse. Because it's around the corner from where I work, it's the destination of many of my lunchtime walks. Last Thursday, I finally brought my camera.

I like this old fashioned firebox:

I walked by this perplexing assemblage and wondered whether it has anything to do with the handmade war memorial a couple feet away:

WHAT IS THIS??? It's embedded in the sidewalk, about the same size as the metal water caps. I take a lot of walks and I've never seen another like this. I've seen little embedded clovers diamonds advertising sidewalk makers, but nothing as mysterious as this scuba diver plaque. Maybe it's related to the "no dumping" square plaques with the fish? Though, I've walked over this particular thing at least 100 times and didn't notice it until last week. Maybe I'll ask at City Hall.

I like the moss growing on the bottom of these flower boxes:

Condemned house, unconventional color:

Car horsies:


I bet their pizza deliveries never get lost - this stained glass house number is taller than I am:

Rusty metal table out for the next day's trash pickup:

I'm really not sure what this place is. I don't think I've ever seen it open:

But there's interesting stuff in the windows:

The end! I need to remember to bring my camera more often. I'm always seeing things that I find peculiar.

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