Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cookie bars are the savior of the modern woman

Another late night baking session ended succesfully. Actually, the baking didn't go all that late, it was the washing up that stretched on into the wee hours. When I grow up, my kitchen will have a dishwasher. Anyhow, thinking he had done something incredibly fantastic and best husband of the year worthy, my coworker's husband brought home a case of sweetened flaked coconut. What does one do with a case of coconut? HAVE A COCONUT BAKEOFF!!!(Said in Oprah voice for greater effect.) Yup. and 12 days into the bakeoff, everyone is um - you guessed it, pretty sick of coconut.

I made Samoas bars (like the Girl Scout cookies) from the Baking Bites blog. She's created a more traditional round cookie version (as well as recipes for thin mints & tagalongs), but I had no time to roll and fuss with cookie cutters. I'm happy that I chose the bar version, though It was a difficult decsion. Usually I'm all about aesthetics, unless it interferes with getting a reasonable amount sleep. I think trying to manipulate the sticky caramel-coconut mixture evenly around round cookies with their centers cut out at midnight would have been scream inducing.

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