Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sea of Morning Glories

The morning glories have taken over my front yard. I purposely planted things that are drought resistant, like cosmos, California poppies, and lavender. The California poppies haven't been the same since my downstairs neighbor's cat decides to use the poppy bed as a kitty bed. Flat! The cosmos, which are against the house, are getting a little drab and crisp but it seems like a waste of water to water them since there could be a frost any night now. I've also given up on dead-heading them because the last time I crawled into the jungle and dead-headed I got a nasty spider bite that itched for a straight week. After nearly a month, there's still a discolored rough patch the size of a silver dollar on my tender elbow pit. I've spent quite a bit of time this summer unwinding morning glory tendrils from the perky cosmos stalks, but now I've given up and am letting nature do it's thing. Thus, the morning glories are taking over. Thankfully they're quite colorful and spectacular!

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