Monday, October 1, 2007

Jamaica Plain Open Studios 2007

I really needed an intense injection of art, and the open studios are a good way to get it. I like the JP open studios more than the South End or Somerville open studios - I saw more artists that appealed to me for whatever reason, and I'm totally smitten with JP as a community. (Until it's time to go home, then I remember how far away it is from my usual stomping ground and why I don't live there). In addition to open studios I saw a number of open houses. All single family houses, with the exception of a conglomeration of unfinished multilevel loft condos that my friend, who graciously remembered my love of open houses and lofts, invited me to check out one with him. They were pretty dreamy, and I had no problem mentally replacing the model furniture with my own.

I'm eager to visit the Fort Point Open Studios on October 20 & 21st.

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