Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Belated Valentine to My Media Boyfriends

Ah, unattainable love.

Ira Glass was my first - I refer to him as "My Radio Boyfriend". That voice...that wit...those glasses...those sideburns...that salt and pepper still my beating heart! I try to see him whenever he comes to town, alas it's only every couple years or so. (Disclaimer: Mr Glass, I'm not a stalker - I just think you're handsome)

And then there's Mo Rocca. I'd been listening to him for a while on NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me", but hadn't actually seen a photo of him until quite recently. He's also a commentator on CBS's Sunday Morning show which is a nice way to begin a lazy Sunday morning. Darn it, he's a looker too!

My latest guilty pleasure is the new Dr. Who. I never watched it growing up because it looked scary and stupid, but the new version is fun. Sometimes I just like an evening full of monsters and CGI, and I never get tired of watching that blue phone booth spiral through the galaxies. Christopher Eccleston is superb as the first Dr., but he's not really my type, though we both have ears that stick out. At the end of the first season he's regenerated into the slightly spastic David Tennant who has great hair, a nice brown and blue pinstripe suit and (not often enough) glasses. Yay!

HMMMM! I see a trend. Do you?

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