Sunday, February 27, 2011

2010 in Review: New York

We visited my sister twice in 2010. This past October's visit was especially exciting because she had recently (well, not that recently) moved to a new neighborhood, Ditmas Park. I love Ditmas Park! It's pretty, and close to the subway, and there are necessities ( like a health food store and a drug store), around the corner.

As usual, we did a lot of walking and eating, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. For dinner on Friday, we went to The Farm on Adderly in Ditmas Park. We split a selection of fish dishes, which were very tasty. I vaguely remember a nice dessert, too.

In Manhattan we poked around Fishes Eddy, where I bought some lovely teardrop shaped spoons and oogled at some of their larger reproduction glass pieces, like the cake stands, and the jadeite dishes. For lunch, we went to Tabla, an Indian Fusion restaurant which sadly served their last meal on December 30th. We walked off lunch by exploring the TEN floors (wait, are there really ten???) at abc home, which made me want to start looking for a rich husband because they have some very pretty furniture and rugs. For dinner, we went to my favorite pizza place, Di Fara Pizza.

In Brooklyn, I became a new fan of teeny-weeny Mimi's Hummus. The shakshuka (eggs cooked in spicy tomato sauce), was as good as I'd hoped, and the pillowy pita was outstanding. I wish Mimi lived in my neighborhood, though I make a pretty good shakshuka myself. After brunch at Mimi's we walked around the neighborhood. There are also some lovely big houses with pretty details in the neighborhood, like these:






I'm obviously attracted to triangles!

I liked this neighborhood throne. The sign reads: "If you taka my space I breaka you face":

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