Tuesday, October 2, 2007


My kitchen looked like a crime scene when I finished with the beets. My friend introduced me to two things I needed to know about at Trader Joe's; vacuum packed cooked lentils, and vacuum packed cooked beets. Lentils and beets are two of my favorite things - why didn't I ever notice them before? Probably because unless I go during lunch, Trader Joe's is so crowded that my brain shorts out and I just want to get the hell out of there and I hit the booze isle heavier than is necessary. Especially when there are baby carriages. My personal recommendation is frozen chimichurri rice. While it's not as good as homemade chimichurri sauce (which is well worth the work), it's a pretty good quick dinner with the addition of a chicken breast or a pork chop and a salad. Last week's revealed secrets included:

1. I can check magazines out of my tiny local library branch around the corner from me. Now I will never again be at the mercy of the recently small and dismal selection of magazines at the gym. Even if I'm desperate, I can't read Parenting of Golf.

2. I can access scholarly articles distributed by JSTOR through my online account at the Boston Public Library. Lucky me, able to read about Iron Age Phoenician pottery in the comfort of my own house!

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