Sunday, October 14, 2007

East Boston Open Studios

I went to the East Boston Open Studios this afternoon. Embarrassingly, I've never been to East Boston except for the Airport shuttle T stop. I haven't even been to Santarpio's Pizza - shame!! The main venue was the Atlantic Works Building at 80 Border street, around the corner from this neat building:

There were 4 floors and about 40 artists representing just about every medium except um, glassblowing and coppersmithing. The Atlantic Works Building has just been remodeled, so they missed last year's open studios. Whether the building is better now or before the remodeling seems to be a hot topic among the artists - perhaps it lost some quirkiness and grit. In any case, it's a beautiful set of artists' lofts, and the space and natural light distribution seems to be fairer than in some other buildings I've seen. Here's a view from the stairwell (the view was more interesting in real life than in this photo):

It was a good mix of media. I especially liked Karen Kemp's lithographs, Lorin Hesse's paintings & collages, and Eric Hess's photographs.

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