Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finger Food

Our sister department threw a Halloween breakfast this morning. I made lady finger cookies. Spooky! Crunchy! I wish I had taken photos of the vanilla fingers before I put them in the oven because they were much more life-like. Post baking they're kind of bloated.

October's calendar is oddly appropriate - I'll miss it! There was some debate as to whether I was a Viking or an opera singer. One of my colleagues (who was leaning towards Viking) had a funny story. He said that he encountered a very sturdy looking blond child on hotwheels. He asked what his name was, and the kid yelled, "THOR!!!. . . T-H-O-R!!!!" So apparently this kid's parents taught him to not only say his name with gusto when asked but spell it.

Gummy brains were handed out as prizes.

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